‘Memories of War’ is a project which leaves voices of the people who survived the war.We are not supporting any specific organization, and we are not agitating any thoughts.

Moreover, please be consent about the following descriptions.

  • The contents of the interview have left the voices and thoughts of the people who survived from the war.Moreover, there might be inappropriate expressions but we have left the voices as it was spoken.
  • The articles were recorded based on the knowledge and memories during the interview were taken.Therefore, there might be memories difference and some ambiguous point.

Every year, at the day of the end of the war watching the media, watching the movie ‘Grave of the Fireflies’, I decide in my heart ‘Not to make a war again. War is cruel.’ But another busy day starts from August 16th.

This year 2013, it is not a year of a turning point, but after 68 years from the war, is it just me who feel that we have a lot of movies about war like ‘The wind is rising’, ‘Emperor’, and ‘Eternal 0’.

As an interviewer, living in Hiroshima where we had the first atomic bomb in the world, I had to face this theme. I have been thinking about it for a long time. But I took time in starting this project…

While it is during this time, few people told me;

‘I want you to hold an interview with people who experienced the war. Podcast can leave the voices for 50years, 100years, for the future.

Almost 70 years after the war, People who survived the war is decreasing every year.

That is why I have to leave their ‘voices’.

‘Memory of war’ is not a radio program and does not agitate to any specific thoughts. I just wanted to leave the voices of the people who survived the war, carefully with this Podcast for our future children, and to all people in the whole world.

I hope that people will start to think what peace is.

Media Journalist Hayakawa Yohei
October 1st 2013